Idea for our club......

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Idea for our club......

Postby Stg1Regal » Mon Apr 20, 2015 9:16 am

This idea has been rattling around in the back of my head for awhile since I first spoke of a Auto-x program at the GS Nationals.
So I wanted to bring it to light and get everyone's input on it... don't be bashful to post a response.
So here's my thought, (and yes I spoke to another in our club ) but wanted to put the suggestion out there in the effort to keep new blood and interest in the celebration of the Buick division and the Buick GS Nationals.
The Auto-X program , like several other venues held at the Nationals, are in place and ran with sponsorships.
My suggestion is.... for our club to put up some type of sponsorship monies toward the Auto-X program.
All along I have appreciated your support and input in getting this venue started. Along with others I feel there is a lot to do to keep our annual celebration and our local club alive, so Im hoping this a step in the right direction to do so.
Now with that said and our venue still goes on with sponsorship, something else will happen and hopefully promote our little venue in a better light..but more on that later.
So what do you guys and gals think?
I appreciate any and all input...
Thank you.
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