April 2015 meeting update

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April 2015 meeting update

Postby Stg1Regal » Sun Apr 12, 2015 7:14 pm

Thought Id bring you folks up to speed at the Indiana Buick chapter meeting that was held at 1 Tire Fire Palace ( Steven Candice Smith's place) last Sat. in INDY.
After Steve Bribed a few of us to pick up some needed car parts on our way to the meeting , we got down to starting the meeting , well sorta.
A bet was placed by Steve himself to whomever could open the hood of the his 50' Pontiac he give them some gas money, he also wanted opinions on the knocking ticking sound from his 70 Skylark 350, and a loose and what appeared to be a stripped spark plug in a Ford product.
Several look overs and opinions were offered ... them we settled in to watching Steve cook some burgers , dogs and chicken.
MMMM down right good and tastey !! got all us in one room around one table and talked , about everything you shouldn't talk about , politics and religion... and somehow military tactics . Very interesting , but thank god no fights !!
We had in attendance , Thomas Bratcher​ , Linda Sue Gray Bratcher​ , Kenny Wells​ , Thomas Walker​ , Tim Duggan​ , Steven Smith , Candice Smith​ , and myself.
During the meeting we discussed , what was happening around us and what we need to do to keep our Small group of Buick Nuts together.
Kenny mentioned he sent out a mass e mail to get who was out there , out of 50 he only got maybe 10-15 responses....
SO if your reading this check your emails , and respond so we can get a decent head count on who's still interested , and what is current contact information... that's a good starting point for now.
Also another thing mentioned was the news letter , yes its coming back folks maybe just a few pages , but it is , but we need your help , looking for info or thread on your Buicks, build pics , racing pics , why you like your Buick , and what's
in the works , send those into our esteemed President in charge or to Steve so we can get them in the news letter , so start writing your stories today, if we get enough we can do a Feature Car and owner each time our newsletters come out.
Coozie Coolers , Shirts , Sweatshirts were discussed , to get and to be offered at the Buick GS Nats ....
Our next meeting will be in May at Norwalk during the Buick event held there,
Also discussed , the mysterious formal "list " of our club members , who has it , or know where it is , it needs to be updated , so when our news letters go out , we are not wasting money on a dead address , or even a phone number , or e-mal address. Thanks your help on finding the list or helping us update to a newer one would be greatly appreciated.
After the feasting and the meeting our attention returned to the three cars in Steve's driveway that needed attention,
In one wild sleep deprived thought , I suggested a Red Green mentality idea to get the loose spark plug out , with Tim's help I'll be dang it worked , Didn't have to remove the head.
Yes Steve's ole Buick was sputtering a bit , ticking , and missing , it was discovered that the ignition had been in place for a while and needed replaced, spark was crossing between the wires.
The ole Pontiac.... gave up it long time hold on it's hood to Kenny. Don't know how he did it , because both of us were on our phones looking up hood latch pics , and he accomplished it after I had left. So he got the gas money...
All in all it was a great day to be with the Fellowship of Buick Brethren , wrenching , and working , talking about Buicks , and that's what our Buick club is all about.
Like to say it was great to see a some Buicks that were brought out of winter hibernation and DRIVEN to the meeting, Thomas's T-Type , and Tim's 4 door 72 Buick.
Again a special thanks to Steve and Candice to hosting our meeting at their place.....
Hope to see ya soon at the next one , and don't forget to send in info and pics on your rides so we can feature them in our news letters... Thanks
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