March 2015 meeting update..

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March 2015 meeting update..

Postby Stg1Regal » Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:46 am

A big Thank You to Nancy Ruhl Schwab​ and her husband Mike for hosting our club meeting yesterday.
The food was awesome and lots to go around , so if you went away hungry it was your own fault.
Nice turn out ... It was great to see new faces that share our compassion and enthusiasm for our beloved Buicks.
Met 3 new people , a gentleman from up by Kenny rode shotgun with Kenny down to the meeting , I think he was a Turbo guy.
Also it was nice to meet a married couple from the Dayton OH area, that where also Turbo Buick owners, hers a 86 T his a 87 Grand National given to him by his father in law .
There was also in attendance Kenny Wells​ , Candice Smith​, Steven Smith​ , my son C.j. Reed and myself.
We did get some discussions done regarding the direction we are wanting to go with the club and what needs to be done.
Also discussed was the big need to get our news letter back out into circulation and what articles we could put into it, tech , history , focus on a club member and their Buick/s . Heck even why not a Buick Family focus piece?
Most of all both Kenny and Steven requested all those are reading this or pass this post along to others , to submit a small write up about your favorite Buick , how and why it is and if you rebuilt it or restored it some pictures to go along with your story , that we can post them in the NewsLetter.
Kenny handed out....... for us to hand out ..... Indiana Buick GSCA Business cards!! neat idea he spoke about at our last meeting , well he did it neat cards!!
Discussed in some length was the need for some products to be sold at our Booth at the NATS , so the usual stuff will be ordered , long sleeve shirts , bigger sizes , and Sweat Shirts .... good idea since we are playing in cool air at that time of year.
DRINK COOZIES !! yep !! Bottle and folded design with logos of GS and GN.
Mike Schwab did a amazing tech session in his n I c e garage on Kenny Wells GN , it was about the pros of leak down testing each cylinder beyond just a compression test.
In a nut shell if the percentage value of PSI of the cylinder is not in the high 90's out of 100 psi, your loosing Horsepower in that cylinder , most racers prefer 98 % , street cars may be lower.
It was discovered that Kenny's beloved "Black Beauty" had issues on the #5 cylinder at 81%. It was also discovered that clean good test equipment was is a must.
Both Steven and Kenny took pictures of the session so I would say those should be showing up here soon.
All in All it was great to visit a see everyone since the warmer weather has started to show , and because warmer weather, others talked of getting their Buicks out and what needed to be done to them.
The next club meeting is April 11th? at Smiths Buick Garage in INDY , going to try to figure out a "noise" knock.rattle, sound coming from Steve's "70" Skylark.
Again thanks to all that came and again thank you to the Schwabs.
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